Shame, shame, shame – my confession

Happy late Hallowe’en! I hope everyone had the spookiest one yet!

Also, good luck to any Nanowrimo participants out there! May the words flow easily from your mind to your manuscript! I participated in Nanowrimo quite a few years ago and I know how hard it can be to stick to such a difficult goal!

I am ashamed to admit that my writing has slacked off a bit as of late. I’d like to say I have an excuse but really, if one has the motivation and drive, one can always make time for a little bit of writing. So, I’ll just own up to it – I’ve been a shitty writer lately.

One of my self-inflicted downfalls is that I can be overly enthusiastic about adopting new hobbies like knitting, cross-stitching, and painting. I then will become rather ambitious in my projects, especially when I get a spark of a gift idea for someone. My worst flaw is deciding to do something really close to a holiday and then having to stay up super late (even a couple all nighters a few times) to finish in time, such as this Christmas gift I made last year and only started a couple weeks before Christmas:


It was my very first cross-stitch and while it was a simple design, I was new at it so it took me quite some time to get a rhythm. I love cross-stitching though, I’m addicted to it. I made a Rick & Morty pillow for my younger sister as a housewarming/birthday gift:


My next step was a larger piece for a friend.


And yes, here I am again: I have managed to trap myself in a constricted time-frame again because I’ve planned a super large project for a couple of Christmas gifts. I am definitely feeling that time crunch. So, instead of writing, I’ve been cross-stitching like a crazy person.


Painting is another thing I love to do. I tend to fall into comfortable themes with my pieces:

orange tree



I love trees.


And owls.


Oh, jeez, the owls.


I also knit, just not so skillfully. I can make a pretty decent scarf… and that’s about it. My goal being to be able to make socks because nothing beats some awesome, thick wool socks.

So, I suppose this was a bit of a confessional blog post. Wish me luck, readers. It’s time I buckled down — and as my mom would say, smartened up — and did some serious writing.

Until next Sunday!

x P.L. McMillan

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