A Box Good Enough For Any Dark Soul

Confession must be good for the (writing) soul – after admitting my guilt last Sunday, I managed to get my ass in gear and write consistently all week, feeling pretty good about that!


Loot crates, clothing crates, grocery delivery services, and book boxes are all the rage right now so I thought I’d showcase the one I’m quite fond of. The Nocturnal Reader’s Box is a combo book and loot box. Now, I’ll say now, it’s not cheap – the subscription will run you about $40 a month with shipping. Is it worth it? I like to think so.

Each box will come with at least two books, if not three. The books have a chance of being signed by the author as well, and usually are a mix of new releases and re-prints. The books can be a bit of a mixed bag, luckily I’ve liked most of the selections with only a few misses. Besides the books, you’ll also get a bunch of horror-themed loot. Here’s the haul I got in October:


The two books inside contained an anthology called Greener Pastures by Michael Wehunt, which had some pretty cool stories.

book 1

The other was a book called The Wicked by James Newman, which was quite boring to be honest.

book 2

The box also came with an organic herbal sleep oil created exclusively for the service by a company called Natura Amantis and based off E.T.A Hoffman’s The Sandman. It actually has a really lovely scent.


One of my favourite items was a metal water bottle with a Miskatonic University emblem on the side. It made me so happy to get this, it goes well with my Miskatonic University hoodie!


Every box always comes with a high-quality enamel pin. This month’s was Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde themed. I wasn’t a fan of this one but November’s came with an Edgar Allen Poe pin based on his The Raven poem, which I thought was really beautiful.


Also in every box is a custom art print. This box had my favourite print so far – it’s the great Cthulhu himself! This print is by Ivan Belikov and it’s amazingly cool! I am going to eventually get it framed and up on my wall actually.


Another piece of loot in the October Nocturnal Reader’s Box was a writing journal based on The Howling.


Another cool item was a tote bag featuring Frankenstein’s Monster and one of his more infamous quotes.


Lastly, they included a magnetic bookmark featuring the Night King (of Pop!) from Game of Thrones.


I always look forward to receiving this in the mail every month, though I do understand that $40 a month might be too pricey for some. I can’t resist the idea of what might coming in the next box though, especially because they’ll usually mention what authors will be featured in the next one and then I always say “just one more.” That was three months ago… So while this service might not be for everyone, I would greatly recommend trying at least one box out!


x P.L. McMillan

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