Writing Tip #2

Happy Tuesday, everyone! This week, I am forgoing a single post and am posting a whole week’s worth of writing tips. Don’t forget to check out yesterday’s tip as well!

As with any skill, practice makes perfect. No one came screaming out of their mother’s womb and/or test tube with an innate ability to write the perfect story or novel. Sure, let’s be honest, some people are born with a talent for writing like how others have a talent for language, musical instruments, or amazingly terrible puns; but they aren’t perfect. Just like the guy in the apartment below you who practices his tuba at ungodly hours, so must you practice your writing. You have to polish your sentences, perfect your voice, and master the unruly grammar of whatever language you’re writing in.

“Practise — write every day even if it’s for ten minutes. Remember, nothing is wasted. Eventually your style will emerge. Persevere!” – Eoin Colfer

Anyone who says they’ve never had to practice, anyone who says they write the perfect story (ready for publishing. Just. Like. That.) without editing or proofreading is a liar… or delusional.

So: practice.



“And how do you learn the craft? In the trenches… I say write and then write and write and write some more and go write some more.” – August Wilson

Thanks everyone! Remember: like, share, love!

x P.L. McMillan

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