My Sincerest Gratitude

My faithful readers,

Apologies for neglecting you this past week – I am sure every one of you can understand what it is like to be swept away by the powerful, buffeting waves of life so that you concentrate only on surviving the next riptide and not so much on the things that bring you the most joy, one of which for me is adding to this blog and knowing that I am reaching readers in so many countries and cities.

I am currently working on several projects – an anthology, a video game, a painting, and a cross stitch – it’s definitely one of my weaknesses to get so involved with so many projects that I can lose track of the more ongoing work I do, like this blog. Add in the activities I do for stress release only, like playing video games or reading, and I end up with no time at all.

It’s such a contrast to look back on when I was a student at university. I had homework, readings to complete, as well as working full-time and keeping up a social life. At the same time, I had the energy to stay up until the wee hours, doing what I liked – sculpting, writing, painting, and more. Now, I find that time can escape me.

Where did all that time go?

Writing takes discipline and dedication. It’s something I am continuously working on. It can be hard with a full-time job, but that is also no excuse. One must persevere, one must fight against the weight of the day’s toil and slave for one’s dream.

So, thank you for being patient and thank you for continuing to visit my blog. Each and every one of you and your support helps me fight each day and throw my whole spirit into writing.

Until tomorrow, my lovely cheerleaders,

x P.L. McMillan

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