Poetry: Hums

In the spaces between silence

Ticks an echoing hum

Gaunt ghoulish eyes

Stalking my every move

Consuming, devouring me

My mind is a trail of crumbs

Leading the dark thing

Straight to my heart


Keep running

Tear the soles from my feet

Cry out for succor

Bland, blank faces turn away

Behind me, claws on stone

Tissue-soft wings rustle in the wind

I reach for their faces

Its voice fills me

I am lost

I fall, limp


Stare at the shadow

Tucked in the corner of the room

Listen to its belly growl

Watch it shift and grow

Powerless, helpless

Restrained to the sterile hospital bed

It creeps, crawls

A talon caresses my left index finger

Infecting my skin with chills


I try to fill the room with screams

Paint over the eternal buzz

Electric, toxic aural virus

Twists its way into my heart

Burrows into my mind

Deteriorates the last of me



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