Major Update!

I know I haven’t been updating much lately but I promise I’ve been busy. In honour of my thirtieth birthday, I decided to make the big step forward of self-publishing a collection of my short fiction. I am currently on the Amazon learning curve and hope to have it up for sale before too long.

I’ve even designed the cover art (sizing of which is what is causing me the problems with Amazon):

COVER 6x9_BW_190

It stands at a cool 187 pages with 14 stories and contains some cosmic, post-apocalyptic and Gothic horror, as well as some classic ghost stories:

In a world shrouded in everlasting night, a lone survivor tries to resist a dark siren call. A young man struggles to survive in a future world where the very liquids in your body turn against you. A teenaged couple take advantage of a museum owner’s kindness, only to discover it was a horrible decision. A heartbroken man moves to a very affordable condo downtown and quickly learns why it’s practically being given away. A woman thinks she sees her dead boyfriend walking the streets of their city and, overcome with grief, she knows she must reach out to him.

In her debut short story collection, cosmic-horror enthusiast P.L. McMillan explores the dark twists of humanity, delving into worlds where nothing is safe: not love, friendship, or family. McMillan’s sinister settings and flawed characters live out rich tales of horror and darkness — this debut collection is not to be missed.

Don’t worry, I’ll be keeping everyone updated and I aim to have it up by this weekend so look out for it!

x P.L. McMillan

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