Horrorhound – 2018 – Friday

Wow! It’s been an amazing first day at the Horrorhound convention here in Indianapolis!

I met Bruce Campbell and got his autograph for one thing!

I also saw some awesome costumes and cosplays:

Also this adult themed horror comic… wow:

Needless to say, it’s such a re-energizing feeling to be around so many people who share a love of horror. The Horrorhound convention is an awesome event to meet new people and share in a mutual love of horror and I cannot wait til tomorrow!!

Until then, my readers!

X P.L. McMillan

3 thoughts on “Horrorhound – 2018 – Friday

  1. One question P.L….reading and writing, and thinking all day about things so, you know scary , doesn’t it give you nightmares? I have always wondered that. Or horror is not as scary to the writers as it is for the readers.

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    1. I get asked that a lot actually. In reality, I think I have only had 2 nightmares in my life. However, I do often think of the worst case scenario in all situations and expect the worst to happen so maybe horror has made me a pessimist!

      I believe most horror writers tend to write about the things that they fear the most. For some, that’s some kind of monster like a zombie or werewolf. Others fear the maniacal murderer like Jason. So I should think it really depends on the person. I do believe writing about the things that scare you helps your fears. It gives you control over the actions of your characters and the outcome so, in the end, I do think it might be a little less scary for the writer!

      Have my stories ever given you nightmares, Sundaram? 😉


      1. Actually this is one genre that I like a lot. I mean I have watched horror movies since I started watching anything. And it made me very afraid of the dark. It was a difficult time. And then I decided to conquer it, and lived alone at scary places. Today I don’t get afraid that much, but I enjoy the genre. But I haven’t much read it. Just reading it on your blog, and thinking of starting reading novels in the genre. And no nightmares, but sometimes a slight Shiver runs through me when I read you.😁….🤘✌👍👍 Thanks.


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