You Can’t Kill Stephen King – Movie Review

Guess what, kiddies (imagine the voice of the Crypt Keeper)?! Only nine more sleeps until Hallowe’en! And yes, I do still measure exciting holidays in “sleeps” as taught to me by my mother. Get over it.

Today I bring you a review of a ridiculous movie that I think you should watch. You Can’t Kill Stephen King is a 2012 comedy horror film, which was directed by Monroe Mann, Ronnie Khalil, and Jorge Valdés-Iga, and stars Monroe Mann, Ronnie Khalil, Crystal Arnette, Kayle Blogna, Kate Costello, and Justin Brown.

Take a seat, kiddies, cause you’re in for a ride. This tale follows a pair of siblings who have inherited a lake house. They’ve brought friends because what’s a murder party without friends? One of those friends is a huge Stephen King fan and – what a coincidence – this is the same lake King lives near… or so they thought. They ask locals where they can find the author’s house and get told that he doesn’t live there anymore. The locals also make it clear that these visitors aren’t welcome.

They manage to get to the cabin and are slowly picked off one by one in various ways that echo the gruesome deaths in King’s novels. Cue a final chase scene, twists, turns, tons of female screaming, and – BAM – a nice twist to end the movie with a bow.


  • More Stephen King references than you can shake a stick at
  • Some pretty funny moments
  • A decent twist at the end
  • A rather funny ending that wrapped everything up nicely
  • Awesome movie tagline (Horror is King.)


Score: 7/10

Watch It On: Amazon Prime


This movie is well put together and pretty funny at times (such as the “character cards” that call out the horror movie character tropes for each person,) though the acting could have been better. Keep your eyes and ears open for subtle and not so subtle King references throughout the entire movie. Overall, you should watch this movie if you’re a King fan with a good sense of humour and low expectations.

I mean just look at this set photo and tell me you wouldn’t want to watch this:



Until next time, kiddies!

x P.L. McMillan

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