Top 100 Films & Television Series You Didn’t Know Were Lovecraftian (Part 4 of 4)

Here it is: G&H’s last installment of their comprehensive list of Lovecraftian flavoured shows and movies! Check it out!

Gehenna & Hinnom Books

Greetings from the Ether,

As the final part of our “Lovecraft in Film” series, we will be exploring 25 films that, while not direct adaptations, are inspired either partially or greatly by Lovecraft’s fiction. Prepare for madness as we embark into the unknown. These films are in NO PARTICULAR ORDER. This is not a ranked list.


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Talk about a sleeper hit. Probably the only found footage film that is criminally underrated, The Taking of Deborah Logan follows college students as they film a documentary on the effects of dementia. The eponymous patient in question, Deborah Logan, begins to exhibit far stranger behavior than typical dementia, and we quickly descend into madness with her, only this is a madness of the occult kind. Lovecraft’s voice is found in the ending, where we finally discover what exactly is happening…

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