WIP Update – 2018 Continues and the 2019 Project Starts

I’ll be honest, and for those of my followers who have a keen eye you’ve probably noticed this already, I’ve not managed to keep to my 2019 goal of regularly posting something on my blog every week. Shame, shame. It’s only February! I can feel you all collectively shaking your heads at me.

I don’t blame you. Really, a blog post a week isn’t very hard. I can’t say I have an excuse. January both felt years long and flew by as quickly as a startled bird.

As in a recent post, where I talk about writing tips, one of those tips was regarding taking time off when you need it and I ended up needing it. In particular, I placed a large amount of pressure on myself by holding myself to some strict deadlines.

I am finishing up my 2018 WIP and, at the same time, am beginning my 2019 project, which I am aiming to finish it as an 80k novel by December. That could have been managed easily, maybe, if not for a short story call that I desperately wanted to submit a story to. This meant writing, editing, polishing a 5k story in a week, along with the first 3k milestone for my 2019 project.

Needless to say, I needed some time off. I’m not very good at relaxing.

I already told you the basics about my 2018 WIP: a cosmic space horror that started as a short story and ballooned into novella territory, infringing now on novel length.

My 2019 WIP is projected to be another cosmic horror, this one set on our planet and in the present time. I don’t want to give too much up until I’ve solidified it by writing a decent amount, but I wanted to let all my supporters know that my absence from my blog never means an absence from writing: usually it means I am concentrating on writing my WIPs.

Thank you all for continuing to support me and check out my blog.

I will try and be more regular in my posting though – just forgive me a bit if I miss a week or two!

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