Micro Fiction: Credit Karma

Hello my dears!

I hope you have all had the loveliest weekend. I can only assume a great percentage of you made time to watch the new Avengers movie, no spoilers please!

I decided that I wanted to write something for the blog today, something fictional rather than a review. Unfortunately, I seem to have this habit of coming up with an idea, trying to write it out, then ending up with something I think deserves an attempt at publishing in an anthology…

And then I have nothing to share…

Today, dear readers, I had a vague idea that I wanted to write a story about scarecrows and I also thought how strange it would be to look out your window at night and see someone walking down the street when they shouldn’t be. The story came out great! So great that I submitted it to an anthology call — which, of course, means I can’t share it.

Of course, it feels awesome to end up with such a nice story that I think it could be published, but it left me without anything to contribute to this blog…

So I pushed forward, because I love you all so very much, and wrote a micro-fiction. So read on and enjoy:


Credit Karma

There has been many theories about why she had been murdered. The brutality of it – the blood, the gore, the single painted word on the wall… hell, her intestines had even been strung along her curtain rods like a garland – sparked a tsunami of fear across this little town. The horrific nature of it had people clutching their pearls and screaming “serial killer” and “cult.” I watched the streets empty as parents enacted strict curfews, as people elected to hide inside. Honestly, there was nothing satanic about it. She poisoned my cat so I gave her back her karma credit.


I hope you liked this little sadistic piece! If you want to read any of my other micro-fictions, click here!

Til next time,

x P.L. McMillan

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