Hockey Inspired Micro Fiction!

So here I am at a local rink watching a hockey game when I thought of this little idea for a micro fiction.

Definitely an interesting feeling to be writing out a post on my phone. I have only ever written a story using a keyboard or pen and paper.

I’ll be adding a picture later — my reception in here is horrid!

Well here goes:


She watches her feet for thin ice as she speeds over the frozen lake. Behind her, her younger brother weeps, begs her to wait for him.

Stupid baby, she thinks.

She shoves down on the ice with a skate, hears a crack. Here it is. This is where it will happen.

A rush of adrenaline as the water bubbles up and she skates past, twirling around to watch.

He’s still whining as he stumbles onto the broken ice, and as he plunges in.

One down and only one more to go. Then she’ll be the baby of the family again.

Whew. There you have it. My very first post written wholly on the WordPress mobile app! Not to mention while sitting in a chilly ice rink on some rock hard bleachers…

It’s definitely a lot easier to count my words in Word when I can just highlight all of it and have the software to the counting for me rather than having to do it myself on a little phone screen.

Ah well, now I’m just complaining!

Have a lovely Tuesday night, everyone!

x P.L. McMillan

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