The Possession of Natalie Glasgow: Review

Hello all, here’s hoping you all had a wonderful weekend! If you’re still craving some Halloween-esque spooks, I have some good news – I just finished reading a wonderful novella about possession!

The Possession of Natalie Glasgow is a powerful novella that spins the possession theme on its ear. It’s also free for you Kindle Unlimited readers!


The Author


Hailey Piper was raised in the “creepy woods of New York” and is a long-time writer and editor, along with extensive experience as a profession proofreader and copy editor. She is big into spec fiction, but also writes in the horror genre.


The Novella

The Possession of Natalie Glasgow is a short but tense story about an eleven-year-old girl named Natalie Glasgow, who spends her days in a feverish stupor and her nights prowling the house, craving raw meat. Terrified, her mother takes her to doctor after doctor until finally reaching out to Margaret, an expert in the supernatural. At first, Margaret suspects it to be demonic possession, but evidence points to a different conclusion.

Has a demon clawed its way inside an eleven-year-old girl? Or does the source of this nightmare lie with Natalie’s dead father? – The Possession of Natalie Glasgow Amazon page



First and foremost, let me admit that I have a huge soft spot for possession stories and movies. I love the themes, imagery, and tropes that go along with possession tales. When I started reading The Possession of Natalie Glasgow, I was expecting another standard possession story – but I was so very happily surprised. Piper takes the standard tropes and completely twists them into something fresh, sinister, and original. This is nothing like anything I have read before and it had me absolutely hooked.

In such a short format, Piper created vivid, very appealing characters, as well as an overwhelming sense of suspense and urgency. Her scenes are full of intense imagery and she delivers her climax as quick as the bite of a wild animal.

“This is hands down one of the most original possession tales I have read. Ever. Full stop.” – Steve Stred, Kendall Reviews

If you’re looking for the perfect evening read to set your mind trembling and one that will haunt your thoughts afterwards, I highly recommend The Possession of Natalie Glasgow by Hailey Piper.


And don’t forget, if you have Kindle Unlimited, you can read it for free!


x P.L. McMillan

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