The Mother – The Weird and Whatnot

Happy Friday, everyone!

I hope any celebrating American Thanksgiving had a good one! I was invited to a Friendsgiving and had a great time, though I definitely ate too much. I will say though, the green bean casserole I had converted me.

Now, comfortably full again on leftovers, I wanted to announce — with great pleasure — the release of The Weird and Whatnot, November issue. It features my cosmic horror story, “The Mother”.

“The Mother” is about a young woman who flees her home town and abusive boyfriend, moving to a larger city. We all know how overwhelming a large city can be to someone used to small town living — but for Jess Whatley, it was the beginning of something more twisted, dark, and other.

I saw that the police didn’t suspect me entirely; they didn’t think a woman like me would outright murder someone. They believed my initial story and were only covering their bases. I leaned forward over the brushed steel table in the police station’s interrogation room and plastered a warm look of concern on my face.

You can read it on your Kindle for free if you have Amazon Prime or buy a hard copy for only $6.95!

Don’t wait! Get your copy today and check out “The Mother” to read a chilling tale of cults, murder, and motherhood.

x P.L. McMillan

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