Terror at 5280′ Live Reading

Evening everyone!

Just got back from Denver and feeling great!


Let local experts enthrall you with micro-lectures on Colorado’s shadowy past including: KARREN TOLLIVER (ATravelforTaste.com) on the “vampire grave” of Theodor Glava in Lafayette Cemetery; BRYAN BONNER (Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society) on Riverdale Road, the most haunted road in Colorado; PAUL BREDENBERG (Colorado Auto Racing Club) on the tragic wreck that shut down Lakeside Speedway; and ANNELIESE FARMER (Golden Ghost Tour & Pub Crawl) on Golden’s shoot outs, secret liaisons, and murder.

Following each brief talk, listen to authors reading from their TERROR AT 5280′ original story that history or legend inspired, featuring CARTER WILSON (USA Today & #1 Denver Post bestselling thriller author of The Dead Girl in 2A and Mister Tender’s Girl), ANGELA SYLVAINE (Colorado Gold & Zebulon award finalist), JAY SEATE (paranormal author), and P.L. MCMILLAN (writer of the dark and macabre).


I am super honoured for being asked by the Denver Horror Collective to read from my story, “Left Behind”, which was published in the anthology — alongside some other spooky tales.

During this event, a local expert went up and spoke about the urban legends or haunted locations featured in the four authors’ works. So not only was it spine-tingling but also educational!

It was a full house, so full that a lot of people had to stand, and the bookstore completely sold out of their copies, which was amazing! If you haven’t bought a copy yet, you definitely should! You can check it out here.


Again, it was such an honour to be able to read my fiction in the company of so many other talented writers and horror fans!

x P.L. McMillan

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