HWA’s Bloody Valentine Event

I had the honour of being invited by the HWA to read at their Bloody Valentine event this past Feb 14th.

It was great meeting other talented writers, as well as other dedicated fans of horror. There was some legit talent in that building that night. And I can’t give a big enough thank you to Carina Bissett for thinking of me and inviting me to be a guest at the event.

I chose to read my short fiction; Buried Two Feet Above. I was really glad for how much everyone seemed to enjoy it.


Picture courtesy of Angie Sylvaine, one of the other very talented writers there.

For my table, I had my bookmarks and a little station called “A Date with Dread”, where visitors could pull out an envelope and get one of my micro-fictions, all done up cute in a little booklet, for them to keep.


I would 100% participate in another event like this. Fingers crossed it comes soon!

And again, I can’t say enough, what an amazing experience this was. I am so glad to have been invited to read and happy with how well received my little scorpion story was.

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x P.L. McMillan

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