Add Some Chills to Your Tuesday with Nocturnal Transmissions’ production of my tale: “That Which The Ocean Gives and Takes Away”

I am so excited to announce my short fiction, “That Which The Ocean Gives and Takes Away” was featured on an Australian horror podcast called Nocturnal Transmissions.

The episode featuring my story can be found here.

This is the first time one of my pieces of fiction has been adapted into audio format and I am happy that it was with this company.

You really have to give them a listen. The style of show gives classic Tales of the Crypt vibes and the narrator, voice actor Kristin Holland does an amazing job.

Nocturnal Transmissions is a fortnightly podcast featuring inspired performances of dark tales, both old and new, by voice artist Kristin Holland. Please subscribe, please share with your friends, please listen in darkness and, most importantly, please;  watch the skies,  fear the dark  and don’t trust anyone  …especially yourself. – Nocturnal Transmissions website

Besides my cosmos horror tale, the podcast features other stories, both from classic horror writers like Poe but also newer writers so you’ll always find something that tickles your macabre bone.

So make sure to check out the podcast and give my tale a listen!

x P.L. McMillan

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