Cosmic Horror and Other News

Amazing news — you can now order a copy of Negative Space, a survival horror anthology featuring my cosmic horror story: “The Whale Hunts”. It’s available through Kindle Unlimited or in hard copy for $14.99.

Henry shivered a bit in the cold wind that picked up off the dark water. It smelled sour and rotten. He zipped up his windbreaker and looked out over the water. He’d been on over two dozen hunts, a dozen trips for every murder, but each felt as terrifying as the last. Most criminals managed to survive their sentences without a single sighting or encounter of the Whale.

Of course, those that did encounter it simply disappeared, boat and all. – excerpt from “The Whale Hunts”

If you get a chance to read it, let me know your thoughts on my story! I’d love to hear your reviews~


Another bit of exciting news is that I’ve been granted the opportunity to interview cosmic horror writer, John Hornor Jacobs — author of Southern Gods, Murder Balladsand A Lush and Seething Hell.

I’ll be talking to him July 9th and posting the transcript the following day, so keep an eye out!

x P.L. McMillan


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