Phasmophobia: Game Review

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And now onto the review!

Holy heck, it’s been a while since I’ve posted a game review! I checked — the last time was in March!


I am obsessed with Phasmophobia right now. Just obsessed. Phasmophobia is an online 4 player co-op horror with VR support developed and produced by Kinetic Games. The game released on Steam on Sept 18th, 2020.

I searched everywhere for an About section, a Wikipedia entry, anything, for this company. They have a one page website and their Twitter page only talks about the game. From what I could tell, this company has only one dev and they did this all themselves. I did find that they have a Trello board?


Paranormal activity is on the rise and it is up to your team to investigate and end the nightmare. Either be the “guy in the chair” watching player placed cameras or be in the house getting your hands dirty. Use equipment such as a Ouija Board, Salt, EMF Reader, Motion Sensors, UV Flashlight, Sprit Box and more.

Kinetic Games website


I played the game for ages the very day I installed it. It’s creepy, it made me so uncomfortable (in a good way), and I stayed up way too late playing it and even dreamed about ghost hunting that night.

Just buy it. Buy it now.

Not only do I play it tons, but when I’m not playing it, I am watching my favourite streamers play it. It is hilarious.

Fair warning, it can be glitchy and often the in-game sound doesn’t work. When I played it with friends, I ended up talking to them through Discord because we couldn’t get the sound to work. At the same time, apparently this whole amazing game was made by one person so I really think it’s reasonable to expect a few bumps, especially because it’s in an early release stage currently.

And it is so much fun. So, so much fun! The game listens to what you say into the microphone and the ghosts will respond to certain cues — making it amazing and terrifying!

You get to go into haunted houses with friends and search for cold spots, EMF spikes, and strange sounds. Bring a spirit box and listen for a ghost to growl ‘die’, or maybe put down the journal and see if the ghost writes occult symbols, and try to snap a photo of the entity right before it rips your head off! Plus you can play it in VR too!

This is the perfect game for October and based on that Trello board, it looks like the dev has a lot of fun plans for the game. So what are you waiting for? Jump on this ghost-hunting train and let’s go screaming into the dark!


x P.L. McMillan

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