“Sanitize” Now Out in Cosmic Horror Monthly

It’s been awhile! I guess I felt like I just needed a break from the blog, from social media, from everything really — to focus on my writing above all else.

It also doesn’t help that I have been reading a lot of fantasy (Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn series) and I’ve always tried to keep my blog about horror and all things peripheral, which left me with not much to review this past month or so. Don’t worry, reviews will be back next week.

Back to the topic at hand — my cosmic horror fiction “Sanitize” is out for public consumption in volume 8 of Cosmic Horror Monthly.

My eyes hurt from being so wide for so long, as I stared, unseeing, at my computer screen.

I had already washed my hands. I had already scrubbed down my desk with one of the sanitizing wipes I kept in the bottom drawer. My stomach tightened, twisted, roiled. I stared, yet could take nothing in. The computer screen was just a blur.

I had already washed my hands; I could still smell the soap. I had already wiped my desk; I could still smell the chemicals. My palms tingled. My eyes flicked down, escaping my control for a moment. Maybe I let them. My whole head felt fuzzy and my scalp was tingling now. I looked over my keyboard, over my hands which lay poised on top of the keys, over the still glistening surface of my desk, over the mouse that sat beside my right hand, over to the corner of my desk where Jordan had sat as he blathered on and on about some report he’d wanted me to start before sneezing so wetly that I had physically seen the specks of internal Jordan juice spray out onto my desk.

– snippet from “Sanitize”

Chilling, isn’t it? Get your copy now, either in digital form for $1.99 or hard copy for $8.99.

And make sure to have the hand sanitizer nearby.

x P.L. McMillan

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