GODMOUTH in Audio Form!

Welcome to Tuesday! I know that I owed you a post yesterday but I was in such a good writing space that I couldn’t stop! You’ll be happy to hear that I finished a short story, one that I’d been slogging away at for way too long. I think I ended up writing about 4,000 words yesterday, alone!

Speaking of which, a snippet from that story is available on my Patreon for those at the Enlightened Cultist and Exalted Dreamer tiers. Sign up now to support me and gain access to amazing, exclusive content.

If you’re not keen on the monthly-type of support, consider sending me a tip through Buy Me a Coffee!

Now for my news: “GODMOUTH” — my spooky, insidious cosmic horror tale, first featured in Hinnom Magazine — is available as a podcast production by Nocturnal Transmissions. You may remember Nocturnal Transmissions as the talented podcast that produced “That Which the Ocean Gives and Takes Away”.

Nocturnal Transmissions did a spectacular job so definitely give it a listen! Also do me a favour and share it with your friends and family — spread the word, if you will!

Until next time!

x P.L. McMillan

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