The Author vs. The Voice of Discordia

For me, my Voice of Discordia comes from my lifelong anxiety and depression. Most days, the voice – my inner monologue that tries to tell me that chances of success are too small, that I’m not good enough, and nothing I do will matter – is manageable. I can deal with it and push through. Other days, it’s a cacophony, a weight that crushes me down.

I don’t remember the last time I wrote an article about an issue that hit so close to home, but I decided to write about some of the obstacles I face as a writer for the website, Ginger Nuts of Horror. If you have time today, why not check it out? Just click here.


p.s. I just put up a new design on my merch store based on an obscure cryptid called Piasa Bird originating in Illinois. Click here it check it out! I designed it on request of a friend and a huge supporter of my writing, B.B..

Here’s the original image:

Explore The River Bend: The Legend of the Piasa Bird |

Here’s my version:

Personally, I’m really happy with my version!

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