Manufactured God: Now Available!

Hi everyone! No review this week but I will be getting back into it soon — I’ve read quite a few fun horror novels I think you would enjoy, not to mention I have some movies to recommend!

The last two weeks, I straight plunged out of my comfort zone.

I already mentioned that I wrote an article about depression and anxiety for Ginger Nuts of Horror, which is a personal subject, so let’s talk about the new stuff.

First: I have a guest appearance on the wonderful horror podcast, Burial Plot – click here to listen! Solomon Forse, founder of HOWL Society, and I talk about the community and the HOWLS FROM HELL anthology that was just released. The hosts, Brenda S. Tolian and Joy Yehle, were lovely and I would definitely recommend you give their podcast a listen if you have a chance!

This was my first podcast appearance and hopefully not my last! If you know me, and if you’re a regular reader of my blog, then you know I get rather anxious when it comes to events like this. So give the episode a listen and let me know what you think and any tips/tricks you have!

Secondly: I really went out of my comfort zone when I volunteered, organized, and hosted the HOWLS FROM HELL Release Party – an online live event to celebrate the anthology going live. Acting as MC, I introduced seven of the sixteen very talented authors whose works appear in the anthology and they each read a small snippet of their sinister tales. I also raffled off four prizes and even had a guest appearance from my cat, Poe.

If you missed it — don’t worry! I am currently in the middle of editing the video and will soon upload it to the HOWL Society Youtube channel, HOWLS TV. Make sure you hit that subscribe button so you’re one of the first to know when the video drops!

I didn’t read during that event, but if you’re interested in a little teaser of my sci-fi horror tale, “Manufactured God”, you should check out the podcast!

There is also an amazing book trailer made by Johnny DiCarlo and The Presenters Agency.

One of the toughest things about hosting such a large event (there were seven readers, four raffles, and over 50 attendees!) was all the logistics. Making sure to remember to unmute the readers at the right time and spotlight them, then switching back to me, to sharing my screen for raffling. Hoo, boy. It went off well though, the readers were amazing and it was a lot of fun!

As for my writing, I can’t lie, all the work for those events took up most of my time and I didn’t end up writing a lot. However, I did write a couple short stories for some anthology calls I found interesting, I’ll let you know if they get accepted!

All in all, I expect my life to settle back down now and I can get to work on my usual reviews and writing.

If you haven’t bought a copy of HOWLS FROM HELL, I would 100% recommend you do! Especially if you’re a fan of my work. My story, “Manufactured God” has gotten quite a lot of positive feedback from the advanced reviews! Take a look:

MANUFACTURED GOD/P.L. McMillan- I immediately got a Ridley Scott vibe with this story. Super immersive, high-tech, sci-fi/cosmic horror. A small group of explorers investigates a chamber of unknown origins and I enjoyed the dialog between the characters as they make discoveries. I could see this developed into a longer novel.

– Sadie Hartmann, Mother Horror

Manufactured God: 4.5/5 | Sci-fi isn’t really my jam, but I do appreciate some science-y aspects and this story worked well for me. Who wouldn’t love some futuristic archeology? It’s a great premise. The main character had a distinct voice and I thought the tale was riveting.

– Grace, Goodreads review

Manufactured God by P. L. McMillan. An exceptional sci-fi/creature feature horror story. A mammoth kaiju vibe blends claustrophobic surroundings with a regrettable deadly curiosity. The author not only applies a tense explorative backdrop, but also discloses a discovery that was not to be awakened by mankind.

– Horror Bookworm Reviews

A professor brings her students along for a region excavation that was previously discovered by another team, during a surface scan. Who wants to be the guinea pig? Spacey Lovecraftian vibes* I think this was my favorite! I love humor mixed into in a good horror story, what can I say? Very detailed writing without losing the reader with too much unnecessary rambling. I like I was along for the ride. A+ for gore, I treasured everything about this. P.L McMillan I’m a new fan! Rating * 5 out of 5

– Gillian, Goodreads review

I have two favorites…The second is Manufactured God by P.L. McMillan. Civilization lives in space after a calamity renders Earth uninhabitable. A teacher and their three anthropology students are taking a trip to earth to discover pre-calamity artifacts. They discover something large and Egyptian and terrifying. I’m not saying there are any perfect short stories out there but…

– Victoria, Goodreads review

Not only did I contribute a tale, but I also created the cover for the anthology and some of the interior artwork!

Also if you haven’t already, consider subscribing to my Patreon! I have loads of exclusive content there, including videos of me reading my stories for your enjoyments and chills! Most importantly, you’ll be supporting a writer!

See you all next week!


p.s. like this art? Treat yourself to a PLM portrait! Click here.

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