Dead By Daylight: Game Review

When was the last time I posted a game review? I’ve actually been playing a lot of Dead by Daylight recently so thought it was about time I reviewed it!

The Game

Dead by Daylight is an asymmetric survival horror video game (available across all platforms). It was developed by Behaviour Interactive and was originally released on PC in June 2016. In essence, every game has five players: four survivors and one killer. The goal of the survivors is to repair enough generators that they can open an exit door and escape. The killer’s objective? To kill the survivors, of course.

The game has original characters but also has DLC that allows you to play as characters from well known horror franchises such as Left 4 Dead, Saw, Evil Dead, Scream, Stranger Things, Silent Hill, and more.

The Plot

A supernatural being called The Entity is drawn to violence and to feed its existence, demands sacrifices from all the killers it kidnaps. The Entity also feeds on hope so happily aids the survivors depending on the offerings they burn for it. Either way, the killers and survivors are trapped in its worlds, forced to play cat and mouse forever.

The Review

Overall, I usually more of a fan of a game with a plot. However I do really enjoy playing Dead by Daylight. This is in part because I have a group I can play with. I honestly don’t think I would play at all if I was playing with random teams.

The controls and gameplay are relatively simple so it’s easy to pick-up and learn. It’s also pretty cool how many add-ons, skills, characters, you can choose from. They are releasing a Resident Evil DLC pack soon, in fact!

I’ve only played as the killer a few times, in games made up entirely of people I know, so I can’t really speak to the experience of playing one in a true match but even that was a lot of fun.

I know there’s a lot of people who play this game really seriously, spending a lot of time in picking out the best skill and add-on combo. But you can also play more casually, like me. The graphics are amazing and the locations/music are really spooky. Having to play as survivor and hearing the killer’s Terror Radius set off the heartbeat sound is absolutely nerve-wracking!

Overall, it’s a really fun game. For me, though, it’s definitely a game I would only play when invited by friends and never by myself.



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4 thoughts on “Dead By Daylight: Game Review

  1. I really love the game. As a horror fanatic and one that loves a larger universe ideas like Cabin In The Woods or Behind The Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon; this game is a perfect shrine to the genre. The only thing I wish is that you can’t set up a game off the server. It would be cool if you could just play with bots or something.

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