Fear Street Part 3 — 1666: Movie Review

Welcome to my review of the third movie in the Fear Street trilogy of films! I kept this review spoiler-free, of course, since the movie doesn’t come out until tomorrow.

The Movie

Thrust back to 1666, Deena learns the truth about Sarah Fier. Back in 1994, the friends fight for their lives — and Shadyside’s future.

Fear Street Part 3: 1666 Netflix landing page

Fear Street Part 3: 1666 takes Deena and us back to 1666 when everything started in the settlement that would become Sunnydale and Shadyside. Deena rides along in Sarah Fier’s body (the witch is played by Kiana Madeira) as the village is stricken with bad omens and the villagers’ minds turn to the possibility there is a witch among them.

About half the movie is spent in 1666, then we’re brought back to 1994 and the shocking, gory conclusion of the Fear Street trilogy.

The Review

I loved diving back in time for the origin story of Sarah Fier and the curse of Shadyside. I also enjoyed that they use many of the same actors/actresses from the first two movies to act as some of the villagers. After learning about the dark, twisted past of Shadyside then we get the wicked conclusion, in all its neon, bloody glory.

All the threads of the first two movies are tied together and similar to other cyclical themes in the trilogy, the story comes full circle and ends where it began: the Shadyside Mall.

It was truly a satisfying end to the series. I hope you all get to see it and let me know what you think! Overall, I think I liked this one best of the three, with the first movie as my second favourite. I wonder if they will make a movie series about each of the Shadyside killers’ history — Ruby Lane especially seems like she’d make for an interesting origin movie!



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