Top 100 Films & Television Series You Didn’t Know Were Lovecraftian (Part 2 of 4)

Here’s part two of G&H’s Lovecraftian influenced film list!

Gehenna & Hinnom Books

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As the second part of our “Lovecraft in Film” series, we will be exploring 25 films that, while not direct adaptations, are inspired either partially or greatly by Lovecraft’s fiction. Prepare for madness as we embark into the unknown. These films are in NO PARTICULAR ORDER. This is not a ranked list.

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75. ANGEL HEART (1987)


A film that was controversial as hell when it released, Angel Heart has since gained a cult following. Telling the story of a private investigator searching for a missing man, only to uncover horrifying occult secrets, this film remains a powerhouse in the 1980s horror genre. Its Lovecraftian influence stems from the unreliable narrative, the madness which ensues for our protagonist, and the occult dealings that determine Harry Angel’s (Mickey Rourke) fate.



Based on the weird novel of the same name…

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